How Localrydes Works – The Best Online Chauffeur & Limousine Booking Website

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Localrydes is an online chauffeur and limousine booking service through which passenger transport providers, such as taxicabs and private hire vehicles, can list their cars, and which end-users of the platform can reserve.

All reservations are instantly confirmed on Localrydes. Transport providers, as well as end-users, will receive a booking confirmation number from Localrydes.

Transport providers are responsible for responding to incoming reservations made via the Localrydes platform in a timely manner. Providers must confirm the payment, update the status of the reservation, and assign a driver from within their personal dashboards made available to them on the provider site (

Payments made by the end-user go directly to the transport provider (Localrydes acts only as an intermediary).

When you book a ride via the Localrydes platform, you are committed to a direct contractual relationship with the transport provider with whom you made the reservation. Localrydes communicates your booking details to the relevant transport provider and sends you a confirmation email or SMS in the name and on behalf of the transport provider.

Various payment methods are made available on the Localrydes platform for the pre-payment of the reservation amount. Payment methods, as available, include cash payments, credit card payments, or other forms of online payments. Payments through Localrydes are made and processed on behalf of the transport providers.

Transport providers

Authorized transport providers who offer their vehicles or services and whose deals are displayed on the Localrydes platform are in a contractual relationship with Localrydes. This contractual relationship entails a commission fee (a percentage of the total deal price) from the transport provider to Localrydes after the end-user has consumed the service of the transport provider.

Localrydes has no influence on the deals and prices visible on the Localrydes platform. Prices are set by the transport providers themselves and it is solely their responsibility to adjust prices according to demand, season, time of day, or any other criteria deemed relevant by the providers.

Localrydes only allows the listing of vehicles or services on the platform by providers who a) have valid licenses, b) who have entered into a contractual relationship with Localrydes, and c) who have filled out the Partner Registration Form (to be obtained upon registration).

On Localrydes, you will find the number of worldwide available vehicles or services that are bookable on the platform.

On the search results page, you’ll find the number of vehicles in the country, region, or city where the service is sought.


All transport provider and vehicle information displayed on the platform is based on information provided by the providers who update prices, availability, and vehicle options at their sole discretion and at their own pace through the partner site ( to which they have access. Localrydes aims to update the information provided on their platform in real-time where possible.

Search results

Localrydes chauffeur and limousine booking platform
Localrydes search results

The Localrydes search results include vehicle image, make and model, class category, luggage and passenger capacity, trip duration and distance, price, and vehicle options. Localrydes aims to display search results by providing a default ranking of vehicles on the platform. End-users can scroll through this default ranking, use filters, and sort the results by alternative ranking orders, and thus have the ability to influence the presentation of search results to receive a ranking order based on their preferred criteria.

Users have multiple filters by which they can manipulate the presentation of search results these include, price, review score, star ratings, vehicle type, category class, and various vehicle options.


The rates displayed on the platform are set and communicated by the providers. However, Localrydes may give a credit/benefit to users at its own cost.

The price displayed on the platform includes all mandatory/unavoidable charges and fees to the extent such charges and fees are known to us and reasonably calculable. The potential taxes and additional fees may vary according to the country, the provider, the selected vehicle, class category, and the number of passengers.

Method for settling disputes

As the contractual relationship is established between the provider and the end-user, any claims regarding the trip policy or the performance of services shall be addressed directly to the transport provider who performed the service. However, Localrydes may act as a mediator between the end-user and the provider to help resolve certain disputes, we, therefore, recommend first notifying Localrydes of any complaints by way of email at