7 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Book Your Next Ride With Localrydes

Localrydes book a Mercedes van v class for business or holiday

Travelers invest a significant amount of time and effort searching for the best flight and hotel deals online, but the ride to the airport or the hotel is very often overlooked. Getting to the airport can be a stressful endeavor whether you are traveling locally or internationally. The choice of transport will set the tone for the entire trip, but with so many private transport providers on the market, arranging transportation can start to get a little overwhelming. It’s often quite difficult to know if you’re really getting a great deal. Despite all the competition, booking private transport with Localrydes guarantees quality service and best prices. Here are some of the reasons why you should book your next airport transfer or private chauffeur with Localrydes.

1. Why book a private chauffeur on your holiday?

One of the best ways to get around on your holiday is to book a private tour or a private chauffeur (bookable by the hour or day). This allows for much more flexibility and a more personalized excursion.

Localrydes - a global chauffeur and limousine booking platform
Localrydes – a global chauffeur and limousine booking platform

If you are looking to stay in one city only and will only be going further for the odd sightseeing day, then you only need a ride on an ad-hoc basis. However, if you plan on visiting multiple cities for several days, we highly recommend hiring a private chauffeur for the full length of your trip. Having an on-call driver for most if not the whole day and evening will allow you to better enjoy your holiday while removing the hassle of find taxis on a regular basis, which can be a real pain and quite expensive.

Whether you are looking to spend the day visiting unique attractions in one location or visiting neighboring cities, hiring private transport makes a huge difference. Whatever your plans may be, you can use Localrydes to book anything from taxis to airport transfers, or even a private chauffeur for the day or hour, if you prefer something more exclusive. Either way, Localrydes has you covered.

Tip: For trips further than 5 km away or if you will be gone for more than 2 hours, we recommend you hire a private chauffeur.

2. Use Localrydes – the best passenger transport comparison portal

Do not go directly to the transport companies or travel operators, instead head on over to Localrydes to compare prices and review the vehicles. You will almost always find the better price online – saving you a lot of time and money. Always start your research with Localrydes. This is a global online chauffeur and limousine booking platform where you can rate, review, and book a car and professional driver worldwide. The website is currently in German, English, and French.

Tip: make use of the many filters and sorting options to help narrow down your search results and find the perfect ride for your trip. You can filter the results by price, vehicle type and color, model, year, user rating and reviews, as well as, vehicle options and amenities.

3. Free cancellation on nearly all rides

One of the most important advantages of Localrydes is that you can cancel most rides free of charge before a certain number of days. You’ll find free cancellation offered on nearly all the vehicles with no surcharges. This is particularly useful for business travelers whose calendars change unexpectedly and for last-minute bookings.

Tip: as cancelation policies can change quite frequently when making your booking, make sure to read everything to ensure you are booking under the cancellation policy you expect.

4. Transparent pricing with no hidden fees

The price you see on Localrydes is the price you pay. As Localrydes is merely an intermediary between you (the traveler) and the transport provider, it doesn’t add any reservation or admin fees. Localrydes will never charge you anything – trip fares are made directly to the transport company with whom you placed an order.

Tip: please note that occasionally, transport providers add some taxes or additional fees to the final bill usually for changes in mid-trip or for special requests. This should be negotiated clearly in advance with your transport provider of choice. In the event of a dispute, contact the Localrydes support team first.

5. Flexible transport booking on the go

The travel industry is plagued by poor platforms which only offer limited features. Localrydes’s mobile-friendly website can adapt to any screen size. Everything you can do on Localrydes from your desktop computer or laptop; you can do from a mobile phone or tablet. The website is lightweight and dynamic. It’s nicely designed, easy to use, and updated frequently.

Tip: a dedicated mobile app is being developed and will be available for download on Apple and Android devices. Stay tuned!

6. Discounts and freebies for loyal travelers

Localrydes offers plenty of loyalty rewards and discounts for frequent travelers. Users are rewards not only for the number of trips they book or collected milage but also for the number of rated vehicles and reviews. Perks include discounted rides and freebies such as free airport transfers, welcome drinks, and access to priority customer service. Membership of the program is completely free and is automatically triggered once you place your first booking.

Tip: perks are offered by Localrydes directly and not the transport providers, so the perks you receive depend greatly on your activity on the Localrydes platform.

7. Quality rating system

On Localrydes you can rate your experience and write reviews. Peer reviews are subjective opinions of passengers’ experience with a specific transport provider. On Localrydes, only guests who have booked a ride through us can leave a review. User ratings and reviews offer a way to get valuable feedback and improve the quality of service overall. The intention is to help transport providers stand out and showcase unique features, helping to influence other potential travelers to book.

Tip: You can rate past trips from your dashboard on your profile page – the more rides you rate the more perks you unlock!